SAGU Reunion 2005 
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Music playing "Old Rugged Cross"


Southwestern here we are!

Annelle, John & Jim

Mary Helen & Annelle

LaVerne & Vivian

McDuffs & Smiths

Mary , Sammy, Wes & Annelle

Betty, Mary Helen & Annelle

Long Time Friends

Group Visiting

Harry, Betty, Bob & Maxine

It was good to be back!

        Our old dorm room....110

Bonnie & Bill Cadwell

It's been a long time!

Laverne & Annelle

Barbara Morrison, Annelle & Mary Helen

Bonnie & Mary Helen

Berna Pruett & Mary Helen

Girls at the Harrison B & B

Visiting with Jim Morrison

Harry & Margie Bouton


Mary Helen, Wes & Annelle

More Friends



Hope you enjoyed the page!

Mary Helen Palser


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