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Ivan's Parents:
William H Palser
Grace BTaylor

George  Palser
Anna  Lange
John Taylor
Jennie Bedell

Joel Palser
Lucinda Overholt
Joseph Lange
Susan Beal
John Taylor
Eliza Haynes
Joseph Bedell
Susan Reynolds

Mary's Parents:
Omer J Beal
Juanita M Sanford

Orvill Beal
Lauraett Lee
Clinton Sanford
Cora Collister

John Beal
Maria Lovett
Isaac Vickroy
Martha Kennedy
? Sanford
Margaret Whittaker
Robert Collister
Nancy Till

Jennifer Chapman
Ginger Chapman
Greg Chapman
Clint Chapman
Anthony Palser
Charles McGreer
Christopher McGreer
Paul McGreer
Patrick McGreer
Timothy McGreer
Stephanie Volkert
Angelyn Volkert
Sarah Palser

Great Grandchildren:
Samuel Hunter McCadams
Nathaniel Chapman McCadams
Mason Patrick McGreer
Logan Samuel McGreer| Noah Grady Turner
Elijah Taylor McCadam
Josephine Rose McGreer
Jonas Roy Turner *
Victoria Autumn Guajardo
Caiden Mark McGreer
Haylea Nicole McGree



Left to Right: Carole, Greg, Nita, Gene, Marilyn & Will
Ivan & Mary Helen

Carole is married to Keith Chapman, a Southwest Airline pilot. They live in Franklin, Tennessee. Their children are Jenni & (Hunter) McCadams, a Major in the Air Force. They have a four year old son, Sam and a new baby boy, Nate. Ginger & (Jon) Ludlow, who both work in the music industry in Nashville, Greg, a college student at Murphysboro, Tennessee and Clint, a high school sophmore. 2006 update: Jenni & Hunter are parents of Sam (5yrs old) and Nate (2yrs old) and they now live in Oklahoma. Hunter is an instructor for the C-17 airplane at Altus Air Force Base. Keith is involved in a new helicopter venture in Nashville. Greg is learning to fly the helicopter and Clint will be graduating from High School soon. .2007 update: Carole has been taking college courses and has recently received her license to sell real estate in Tennessee. Keith's helicopter business is growing.  Keith celebrated 20 years with Southwest Airlines this year. Jenni & Hunter are still in Altus, Oklahoma and a new little boy, Eli has joined their family. Ginger recently toured in Canada with a singing group and is busy composing music on her new Mac computer. Jon has been on the road a lot. He tours with musical groups to sell their merchandise at concerts. Greg is finishing college in Nashville and  is looking forward to joining his Dad's business after graduation. He soloed in the helicopter on his 24th birthday in May. Clint graduated from High School this year and will be attending college in Chattanooga this fall. He works at Subway. 2008 update: Carole had foot surgery in November which had a few problems. During the Christmas holidays they spent some time at the lake cabin. A hose came loose under the kitchen sink and flooded the cabin main floor and the basement. It was devastating to say the least. They had good insurance coverage. 2009 update:  The cabin became a major project during the first several months. They were finally able to enjoy it again by spring. In the fall Keith decided he wanted to leave his family to begin a relationship with a twenty three year old young lady who bought into his business. This has been so sad for all of the family. Hunter spent 6 months overseas so Jenni and the boys came to Nashville during that time.

2006 Update: Greg's company CoastCom  is busy building fiber lines into a number of cities in Oregon. He recently was awarded top prize in the technology category at the state convention in Albany. Greg is married to Marianne Cole and they live in Newport, Oregon. He has interest in several technology related companies on the Oregon Coast. Marianne works for Roadway Paving as Operation Manager.  Greg has a son, AJ from a first marriage. They love to go on motorcyle trips when time permits. 2007 update: Greg is still busy building fiber lines. Hopefully he and Marianne will  be coming back to Nebraska for Charles & Amanda's wedding in September. 2008 update: Greg and Marianne separated in December and divorced in 2009.

Nita is married to a Pioneer Seed Representative, Mark McGreer. They live about 40 miles from us in Grant, Nebraska.  They have five sons, Charles, an operations manager for Crete Trucking in Lincoln, Nebraska, Christopher, employed in Lincoln as a sales rep for a printing company, (He and Amber were married in August, 2005.) Paul, graduated from the University of Nebraska ROTC and was  commissioned a 2nd Lt. in the Army, (Now in helicopter  school.) Patrick a Junior in college in Rapid City, SD  and Timothy, a sophomore in high school. 2006 update: Christopher and Amber have a baby named Logan and Patrick & Chelsea have a baby named Mason. Paul is with the Army National Guards in Iraq. He flies a Black Hawk Medivac helicopter. Timothy is a high school Junior this year. 2007 update: Patrick is working for Downey Drilling in Kearney and Chelsea is going to summer school. Mason and Logan get to spend time with their grandparents in Grant. Our family is growing......Christopher & Amber had a baby girl (Josie) in November and Charles married Amanda Hansen in September. Congratulations! 2008 update: Patrick and Chelsea moved back to Grant  where he is working with his Dad in the Pioneer Seed Co. They are expecting a baby girl next February. Tim is attending the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.  Paul is in Lawrence, Kansas in charge of the ROTC program there. He is also the commander of the Chinook helicopter unit in Grand Island, Nebraska. Recently on a trip to Denver they landed in Grant much to the delight of the local people. Charles and Amanda became parents of  a baby boy, Caiden in December. Charles has joined the Nebraska National Guard and will be going to officer's candidate school in South Dakota next year.

Marilyn is married to an Assembly of God minister, Ken Volkert, in San Marcos, Texas. They have two daughters, Stephanie (Robert Guarjdo) and Angelyn. Stephanie & Robert live in Monterrey, Mexico where they manage several Sonic Drive-Ins. Angelyn and Shelby Turner were married in February, 2004. They live in San Marcos. Shelby works with Ken in construction and Angelyn works at a Wells Fargo Bank. 2006 update: A new baby, Noah has joined the family. His parents are Angelyn & Shelby. Steph and Robert have moved to Puerto Viararta Mexico but will be coming back to Texas in several months. 2007 update: Ken & Marilyn have incorporated their company. It is now known as Volkert Integrity Contracting, Inc. Steph & Rob are back the states living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Little Noah is good company for Marilyn as she watches him while Angelyn works at the Bank. 2008 update:  Angelyn & Shelby lost a little son, Jonas in July. Steph and Rob had a baby girl (Victoria) in December who was very premature. She only weighed 1 lb 11 oz but is thriving very well. They hope to move back to Texas someday.

Gene had been in France for three years managing a consulting and integration operation for the Hewlett-Packard Imaging and Printing Group. He has been back in  the states working at the HP Ft Collins Colorado facility as a global program manager for the past two years. At the present time he is anticipating a move back to France where he will be working as a French employee of Hewlitt Packard..2006 update: Gene is still in Fort Collins working for H/P. He didn't move back to France after all but does travel extensively for H/P in Europe and England as well as California and Texas. 2007 update: Gene recently rented out his house in Ft Collins and moved into a loft apartment in downtown Denver. He works from home and still travels for HP. 2008 update:  Gene resigned his position with HP and is working on his stock portfolio. He is able to come back to Nebraska every month or so which is nice.

Will is married to Terri Eads. They live in Carrollton, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. They have two daughters, Katie a high school sophomore and Sarah in the seventh rade. Will owns an electronic manufacturing plant (Assured Industries) in Plano, Texas. Katie plays the violin and is a dedicated swimmer. Sarah is involved in sports and love crafts. 2006 update: Katie was privileged to travel to New York with her mother & Aunt Tammy for her 16th birthday. She is on a swim team and Sarah is playing the violin now. 2007 update:  Will is in the process of buying another company. Katie is driving now and looking forward to her first car. Sarah keeps busy with all her activities and loves playing the violin. Terri works full time for Will as Office Manager at Assured Industries. 2008 update:  Terrii's sister Tammy and husband Gary purchased a property east of Dallas that is a great week-end getaway. Terri and Will are very busy at the plant and the girls are busy too with school activities.

Ivan and I were married November 17, 1950 and have lived on the same farm where he was born and raised. Life has been good to us through the years with relatively good health until five years ago when he had colon cancer surgery. In  November, 2003  he had a section of his lung removed. He was cancer free for another year but passed away January 22, 2004 from chronic heart failure and emphysema. He is greatly missed... gone from our daily lives but certainly  not forgotten. We lost a son Richard, (the next to the youngest) at age 19 in a trucking accident involving a drunk driver. The Lord has graciously seen us through our sorrow and we look forward to a reunion with him someday. Our nephew Steven & wife Peggy manage the farm in a very capable manner. We raise around 2,000 acres of corn and some wheat. Our crops have been very good this year as we have received quite a few beneficial rains. We daily praise the Lord for His faithfulness to us! 2008 update: I spent 8 months away from home last year. I was in Texas for 3 months, then Tennesse for 3 months. I came home in May but went back to Texas for Marilyn's surgery in July for a month. Then I went to Tennessee to be with Carole for her foot surgery for 2 months. I did manage to get over to the lake and spend time in my 5th wheel trailer.