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Our 50th anniversary was on November 17th but our celebration took place on November 25th at the Assembly of God Church in Big Springs. Five of our children and their families hosted the event....Carole & Keith Chapman, Greg & Clint from Franklin, Tennessee, Greg & fiancee Marianne from Newport, Oregon, Nita & Mark McGreer, Patrick and Timothy from Grant,  Charles (from Dallas, Texas), Christopher &  Paul (from Lincoln, Nebraska), Marilyn & Ken Volkert, Stephanie & Angelyn from San Marcos, Texas, and Will & Terri Palser, Katie and Sarah from Dallas, Texas. We were very disapointed that our son Gene was not able to attend. He is in Paris, France working for Hewlitt/Packard. He called and greeted us the day before. We also missed Jenni & husband Hunter, Ginger, and AJ. Hopefully we can someday have a reunion with everyone home!

It was a great afternoon, greeting our relatives and friends. Many we had not seen for some time so there were lots of hugs and kisses! The week was packed full of fun activities with the family. On Thanksgiving Day we all gathered in our home for an evening meal. Greg had brought fresh salmon and crab meat from Oregon so we had a wonderful meal on Friday evening. One of our most pleasant memories will always be that our four grandaughters got to stay with Grandpa & Grandma. Ivan's brothers Glenn from Denver and Jean & wife Phyllis were also able to attend. It is always sad to say good-byes but we know all good things must come to an end so by Sunday everyone had left except the Volkerts from Texas. They left on Monday morning.